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Galderma’s five R&D centers are located in France, Sweden, the United States, Switzerland and Japan, and play a key role in discovering and developing innovative medical solutions for the global dermatology market. Visita nuestra web global en:

Galderma’s five R&D centers are located in France, Sweden, the United States, Switzerland and Japan and are playing a key role in the discovering and developing of innovative medical solutions for the global dermatology market.


Sophia Antipolis, France

Galderma R&D SNC
Les Templiers – 2400, route des Colles – Sophia Antipolis, 06410 Biot – France
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 95 70 70 – Fax: +33 (0)4 93 95 70 71

The world’s largest R&D center specialized in dermatology:

Located in southeast France, dermatology company Galderma’s Sophia Antipolis facility is the largest laboratory in the world dedicated exclusively to dermatology. This state-of-the-art center is the birthplace of the adapalene molecule, the active ingredient of Differin and leading drug for the topical treatment of acne. R&D_Sophia3Five hundred scientists and support staff work at the center which hosts all of Galderma’s in-house research, pre-clinical and core development (clinical, pharmaceutical and biometric) activities.
Since its opening at the end of 2006,this 19.300 sq meters facility accommodates our scientists with expertise ranging from genomics to proteomics, from high throughput technologies such as screening, chemistry and toxico-genomics to early pharmacokinetics…
> Mandatory assessment of greenhouse gas emission – Galderma R&D SNC France


Q-Med_Panorama_websizeUppsala, Sweden

Q-Med AB
Seminariegatan 21 – visiting address: Fyrisvallsgatan 7 – 75228 Uppsala – Sweden
Phone: +46 18 474 90 00 – Fax: +46 18 474 90 01

One of dermatology company Galderma’s international sites in Uppsala, Sweden is the Global Aesthetic Center of Excellence with nearly 400 employees as well as world-class research and manufacturing. The site is responsible for Innovation, Development, Manufacturing and Strategic brand management for aesthetic and corrective treatments. A majority of the products in the Q-Med portfolio is based on the dermatology company’s patented technology, NASHA™, for the production of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid.

80 employees at the site are dedicated to Research & Development with a state-of-the-art expertise in understanding, characterization and modifying of hyaluronic acid.


R&D_PrincetonPrinceton, USA

Galderma R&D Inc.
5 Cedar Brook Drive, suite 1 – Cranbury, NJ 08512 – USA
Phone: +1 609 409 77 01 – Fax: +1 609 409 77 05
Located in New Jersey, the Princeton center is focused on clinical development projects with the primary objective of obtaining registration of Galderma’s dermatology solutions and products in the US and Canada.

Clinical studies directed by this site are conducted under international clinical harmonization guidelines and are often used to support regulatory submissions for Galderma’s products around the world.


Tokyo2013_160x213pxlTokyo, Japan

Galderma KK
Shinjuku Grand Tower, 34F
8-17-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-6134 -Japan
Phone: +81 3 5937 3800 – Fax: +81 3 5937 3890

The R&D team in Tokyo is entirely devoted to the development and registration of new products for the Japanese market, the second largest dermatology market in the world.



Egerkingen_R_D_160widthEgerkingen, Switzerland

Galderma Spirig
Spirig Pharma AG
Froschackerstrasse 6
4622 Egerkingen – Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0) 62 387 87 87 – Fax: +41  (0) 62 387 87 99

The R&D Self-medication unit in Egerkingen develops new products and maintains marketed products for all key self-medication brands (Cetaphil, Loceryl, Daylong, Excipial). Research, development and core competences focusing on skin barrier function impairment, as well as sun protection are provided by a team of formulation specialists, clinicians, preclinical experts and project managers.

Galderma’s Self-medication business, one of its manufacturing plants and its Swiss affiliate are also situated in Egerkingen.